How Long Does It Take to Get a Canada Visitor Visa?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Canada Visitor Visa?

Many times foreign national looking to immigrate to Canada wants to know how long it will take to get to Canada. Each visa has a different processing time and application process.

The processing time for Canadian Visas is defined as how long it takes the  (IRCC) to process an application from the day that they receive it. This is otherwise known as CIC or IRCC processing times.

Factors that may Increase Visa Processing Time

There are several items that can factor how long it will take for your Canadian Visa. These include:

  1. Type of visa application
  2. Country of applicants residency
  3. Application complete and correctness
  4. How easily the applicants information can be confirmed
  5. How quickly IRCC can process applications that are already in the system
  6. How long an applicant takes to respond to additional requests or concerns

Factors That Affect the Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time 2021

Most Canada visitor visa processing times will vary based on these factors:

  1. Location of Application

The IRCC can vary the processing times for visitor visas depending on the applicant’s country of residence and where you are applying from. You can use an IRCC tool that will help you find out your work permit processing time.

  1. Completeness of Application

It is always important to make sure that your application is absolutely complete with every document and response to what the IRCC is asking for. This is why hiring an immigration lawyer for a Canadian visitor visa application is typically very beneficial to avoid delays and denial.

  1. Number of Applications

Your visitor visa application may be processed much faster or much slower than expected all depending on how many applications Canada has received. If they have received fewer lately then your application may be processed faster than the average 12 day processing time.

Visitor Visa Processing Times – Top Questions

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visitor Visa to Canada?

If you apply from within Canada, online applications are processed within 12 days and paper-based applications within 27 days. However, applications made from outside of Canada will vary depending on the applicant’s country of residence.

Is Canada Still Processing Visitor Visa Applications?

Yes! Canada is still accepting visitor visa applications. We recommend booking a consultation with Glove Overseas to determine which route is best for you.

How Can I Get a Tourist Visa Fast in Canada?

Speak with an immigration consultant who can find the fastest and most efficient way for you to get a visitor visa. They can ensure there are no mistakes in your application .

Time for Express Entry Processing – 6 Months

The Express Entry Program includes the following streams: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)Federal Skilled Trades (FST)Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and some Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

Most Express Entry Program applications are processed within six months from the date it is received. Before the six-month processing time begins the applicant must provide all the necessary documents and upload them to their individual Express Entry profile.

Visitor Visa Processing Time – 12 days

Similar to work visas and study permits, a visitor visa processing time can depend on which country the applicant is applying from. Typically the time can vary from a couple of days to a few weeks for a Canada Visitor Visa processing time. If you apply from within Canada the processing time is only 12 days.

Study Permit Processing Time – 1 to 16 weeks

Just like work permits Canadian Study Permit Processing Times depend mostly on the applicant’s country of residence. Typically a Canadian study permit can be processed between 1-16 weeks.

Work Permit Processing Time – 1 to 27 weeks

The Canadian work permit processing time is the one with the largest range. The Work Permit processing time completely depends on the completion of your application and the office you applied at. We have found that it can take between 1-27 weeks to process a Canadian Work Permit.

LMIA Processing Time – 8 to 29 days

Canada is experiencing a large volume of Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications in 2021, which can result in longer processing times and possible delays, especially seen in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Depending on which LMIA you apply for, it can take anywhere from 8-29 business days to process your application.

Canadian Citizenship Processing Time – 1 year

A typical Canadian Citizenship grant processing time is 12 months/1 year. This means that from the day you submit your completed application it should take about one year until it is fully processed.

Spousal Sponsorship Processing – 12 to 36 weeks

The average processing time of a Canadian Spousal Sponsorship is approximately 12 months. However, depending on specific circumstances and regions, it may be as long as 36 months.

PR Card Processing – 13 to 27 days

Applying for a new Canada PR Card can take only 13 days while renewing or replacing a PR card will take around 27 days.

Common Questions About Canada Visa Processing Times

How often are processing times updated?

Most processing times show how long it took to process applications in the past and are updated weekly.

These permanent resident programs have estimated processing times for new applications and are updated monthly:

  • Sponsoring a parent or grandparent
  • Economic immigration
    • Provincial Nominees (excluding Express Entry)
    • Skilled Workers (Quebec)
    • Start-up visa
  • Humanitarian and compassionate cases

The following programs show a commitment and are updated when new commitments are set:

  • Electronic travel authorization (eTA)
  • International Experience Canada (IEC)
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Express Entry
    • Federal Skilled Trades
    • Federal Skilled Workers
    • Provincial Nominees
    • Canadian Experience Class
  • Caregivers
  • Sponsoring a spouse or a common-law or conjugal partner

When was the last time IRCC changed processing time estimations?

*Due to COVID-19, there have been multiple changes to certain visa processing times throughout 2020-2021. This does not include changes made to processing times during that time* In July 2018, IRCC opted to generate processing time estimates based on the number of applications currently being processed rather than historical processing time data.

The following immigration categories have been changed by the modifications to the processing time estimation system:

  • Sponsoring of a parent or grandparent
  • Economic immigration
    • Provincial Nominees (excluding Express Entry)
    • Skilled Workers (Quebec)
    • Start-up visa
  • Humanitarian and compassionate cases

What is the processing time for a Canadian passport?

The processing time for a passport application is determined by where and how the application is submitted, as well as the urgency of the request. The following are the processing times for passport applications submitted in Canada:

  • 10 business days (for applications submitted in person at a passport office)
  • 20 business days (for applications submitted in person at a Service Canada service point)
  • 20 business days (for applications submitted by mail)

When applying for urgent or expedited service at a passport office, the application may be processed by the end of the following working day or may take up to nine business days.

If you are currently residing in the United States, you can apply by mail or in person at the nearest passport office or Service Canada location in Canada. For postal applications from the United States, the processing time is 20 business days.

All passport applications submitted outside Canada and the United States may take up to 20 business days. Applications made outside Canada may be submitted at the nearest Canadian government office abroad (i.e. embassy or consulate).

Contact an Immigration Professional

Book a consultation today with an immigration professional at Globe Overseas! One of our Canada immigration professionals will determine exactly how long it will take for you to receive your Canadian visa.

Use the IRCC Processing Times tool to determine how long your Canada visa processing time may take.

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