Explained, finding a job for new immigrants to Canada

Explained, finding a job for new immigrants to Canada

If you are moving to Canada, finding a job most likely will be your top priority.

Canada does need capable people like you to enter the labour force and contribute to Canada’s prosperity.

Though finding your dream job in Canada may be difficult, there are a lot of resources and supports available to assist you.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is one such place to look for support. These supports are available to all new permanent residents through 500 different immigrant-serving organizations which are located across the country.

These organizations provide IRCC-funded services for free exist to help newcomers succeed in Canada, and they deliver IRCC-funded services for free. A major component of the services they offer relates to employment. You can contact a local immigrant-serving organization once you arrive to Canada and they will be able to offer employment support such as preparing a resume, preparing for an interview, and professional networking and mentorship.

You may find list of these organizations on IRCC’s website.

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